Northeast Teachers' Convention

                                                                                February 15-16, 2018


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  1. NETCANETCA NETCA PROGRAM 2018 is now available! (Please remember that signing up for a session only builds you an itinerary f…
  2. NETCANETCA CERTIFICATED STAFF fill out the teacher input form to provide ideas as we are planning for next year.
  3. NETCANETCA RT @ATALocal25: Hey @NETCA_AB members! Make sure you do your Convention survey. You'll be entered to win some amazing prizes!…
  4. NETCANETCA Please take the time to fill out the Convention Review and Looking Forward surveys at
  5. NETCANETCA RT @chocolateart7: Baliwood moves are such a great stress reliever! Nice job @TinaVarughese #netca2017 #50ShadesofBeige…
  6. NETCANETCA RT @TinaVarughese: @NETCA_AB Thx #netca2017 for having me speak at your conference! Enjoyed both Ctrl Alt Del & 50 Shades! #Teachers love t…
  7. NETCANETCA Don't forget the buffet in the Dinner Theatre. $21 gets you a great meal & you don't need to leave the hotel. #netca2017
  8. NETCANETCA RT @evrylivingthing: We have a winner @NETCA_AB Kim Carson from Thorhild Central come by our table to claim your gift basket. Congrats! h…
  9. NETCANETCA ATTWIFI coupon code: sbcc17
  10. NETCANETCA Shelley Magnusson's sessions are cancelled for today.
  11. NETCANETCA RT @NETCA_AB: Lunch Buffet at the Dinner Theatre is $21 available at the door. #netca2017
  12. NETCANETCA Welcome to day two of convention. Have a great day! #netca2017
  13. NETCANETCA Don't forget to do your session evaluations for a chance to win some fabulous prizes! #netca2017
  14. NETCANETCA Lunch Buffet at the Dinner Theatre is $21 available at the door. #netca2017
  15. NETCANETCA @sawchik attwifi coupon code sbcc17
  16. NETCANETCA RT @NETCA_AB: #netca2017
  17. NETCANETCA Pension Matters - Dana Adams session moved to Silverbirch #4 All of Lana Lane's sessions moved to the Maligne room. #netca2017
  18. NETCANETCA Wallet found!! Please see the hotel front desk to retrieve it. #netca2017
  19. NETCANETCA Please go to to fill out your session evaluations for a chance to win some fabulous prizes! #netca2017
  20. NETCANETCA ATRF Retirement Sessions are in room 2003. Floor 10 of the south tower toward the dinner theatre. #netca2017
  21. NETCANETCA #netca2017
  22. NETCANETCA attiwifi Coupon Access Code: sbcc17
  23. NETCANETCA Remember to share your pictures from #netca2017
  24. NETCANETCA Northland local lunchroom is in room 1914. 9th floor of the east tower. Room will be open from 11:30-1:30pm.AGM in the Robson room at 4:30pm
  25. NETCANETCA Welcome to convention!!! #netca2017
  26. NETCANETCA Changes to program - Friday 10:45-11:55am Sandy Gillis Questions Principals Ask Member Services - Maligne Room
  27. NETCANETCA Changes to Program - Shelley Magnusson Women in Leadership - Are we there yet? Friday 9:00am~Cancelled~
  28. NETCANETCA Changes to program: Principals' Role Teacher Induction - 2:55-4:05pm Maligne Room
  29. NETCANETCA Changes to program - Mark Yurick-Everything You Need to Know About Curriculum Development 2:55-4:05pm Logan Room
  30. NETCANETCA Changes to program - Mark Yurick Principals' Role Teacher Induction 1:30-2:40pm Maligne
  31. NETCANETCA Good Morning! attwifi Access Code: sbcc17
  32. NETCANETCA RT @albertateachers: Teachers, be sure to get your online ATA account! Visit for easy, step-by-step instructions…
  33. NETCANETCA You will need your ATA membership card to attend the NETCA convention. Learn how to create your ATA account here.
  34. NETCANETCA Your NETCA board is working hard to make this year's convention better than ever! #NETCA2017
  35. NETCANETCA RT @albertateachers: Don't have your Online ATA Account yet? Learn how to get yours in this short how-to video. #ab…
  36. NETCANETCA Find the 2017 NETCA Convention program here.
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